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Build Msheireb World: A Cultural Ideation Workshop

By MetaHug


Date: Choose May 7 or 8th 2024

Time: 4:30-5:30PM

Event:  TEFFA Doha

Location:  In Real Life - Doha, Qatar
At M7, Abdulla Bin Thani Street, Doha. 

Ages 7 and up

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In this workshop we will cover

Introduction to Game Design with MetaHug:

Join us at the onset for an engaging introduction to MetaHug, a unique game studio created for teens by teens. Dive into the essentials of game design, including storytelling, gameplay mechanics, and user engagement. Discover how games serve as powerful educational tools to explore cultural and historical themes.


Pre-Game Briefing:

Begin with an insightful overview of the Msheireb World Project on Roblox, emphasizing the historical significance woven into the game, especially the pearl diving tradition. This briefing sets the stage for players to appreciate the historical depth behind their interactive experience.


Project Introduction Video:

Watch a captivating video detailing the Msheireb World Project and outlining the specifics of the contest. This visual introduction will clarify the contest rules and objectives.


Play Session:

Form groups of six and engage in the game. Each session not only provides a learning experience but also the opportunity to win prizes. Winners will be celebrated for their strategic and creative game play.


Mini Game Development Workshop:

Receive a game development workbook at the start of this workshop segment. Participants will be guided through filling out their workbooks, brainstorming and fleshing out their own game ideas. The top three creative concepts will be rewarded with prizes.

Ages 7 and up

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